About Taipei GI Lab 綠基盤研究室

Taipei GI Lab 綠基盤研究室由銘傳大學都市規劃與防災學系石婉瑜副教授主持。本研究室致力於以綠基盤策略回應城市在全球環境變遷下所面臨的環境與社會挑戰,聚焦於城市高溫韌性、`氣候變遷調適、社會公平、生物多樣性等空間規劃及地方治理的議題上。我們立基於景觀生態與都市生態學,以城鄉生態規劃為視角,採用混合空間分析、量化與質性的研究方法來探討都市化對於環境與社群的衝擊、城市中人與自然的連結、綠基盤的生態系統服務以及氣候規劃…等。我們的研究目標在於提供具有實證基礎且又能與政策接軌的城鄉自然解方(NbS),以作為地方政府決策時參考。


Taipei GI Lab is led by Dr. Wan-Yu Shih from the Department of Urban Planning and Disaster management of Ming Chuan University in Taiwan. This lab looks at Green Infrastructure (GI) strategies for responding to socio-environmental challenges, particularly on issues of excessive urban heat, of cities for attaining climate resilience, justice, biodiversity, and sustainability. Through an ecological planning lens, our lab embraces multiple, mixed research methods (including quantitative, qualitative, and spatial assessment approaches) to explore urbanisation impact on environments and societies, human-nature connections within cities, ecosystem services from urban GI, as well as urban climatological planning. Our research seeks to develop evidence-based and policy relevant Nature-based Solutions to underpin decision making of local governments.

Additionally, our lab also works to act as a bridge to link Taiwan with the international science-policy communities on green infrastructure. As an international group, we are energised by global cooperation and hope to share insights between Taiwan and other contexts internationally. You are welcome to drop a line if you are interested in joining or working with us.